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Introducing Riley: a better agency at creating better futures

After decades of being known as Riley Hayes, it’s time for us to be on a first name basis. Please, call us Riley.

“Throughout our 30 years, our mantra has always been ‘Think Anew and Act Anew,'” said agency founder Tom Hayes. “As the world has changed, we have applied our mantra to help our clients take advantage of the new opportunities that always come during new eras.”

The new name accompanies new branding but remains centered in the agency’s enduring point of view that messaging systems informed by creativity and tactical discipline are the route to a brighter future for clients.

“What better way to show our commitment to change than to change our name?” said Dan Hoedeman, agency president. “It also represents a change from a focus on one leader to a collaboration among a team of leaders. We are evolving, and with the same commitment to creating great work and being good people to work with that we have always had.”

“For those who might be unaware, Riley is my mother’s maiden name” continued Tom Hayes. “Cheery and friendly on its own, for me it will always be associated with wonderful people who made a real difference in this world and set a standard to which we all need to aspire.”

We’re excited to share all the ways we can make better futures for our clients. So now that we are on a first name basis, let’s get a conversation going.