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Natalie Judd Joins Riley As VP Client Services

Natalie Judd has joined Riley and will lead the Client Services team. It is her second stint at the agency, returning after time at Ten Thousand Design at Colle McVoy where she worked with famous brands like Target, UnitedHealth, and Cub Cadet.

“There is so much promise and momentum here at Riley” said Judd. “I am excited to help write the next chapter for the agency, and to do career-defining work for our clients along the way.”

Judd will renew her work with clients like Delta Air Lines, where in her previous stint at the agency she led the SkyMiles business to multiple record-breaking years behind celebrated creative work like the Gift Back Project. She will also dig in with new clients like Dave, the Mark Cuban-backed fintech company, Stimulus Athletic, and Morari.

“Clients love Natalie, and for good reason: she’s smart, kind, and relentless” said Dan Hoedeman, president of Riley. “She drives the culture for the agency, both in how we work with each other and our clients, and in the expectations we have for our work. She takes us to another level.”