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Morari Medical debuts new brand identity at CES

Riley is proud to announce the launch of Mor, a new product from client Morari Medical, a pioneering sexual health and wellness company. Earlier this year, the revolutionary product, and accompanying brand, debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Mor is a wearable patch that uses the power of neuromodulation to shape sexual experiences, creating the opportunity for couples to experience more pleasure, more connection, and more intimacy in their relationships. While it’s a great product, intimacy is an awkward topic. The brand faces this head-on with playful humor that makes the topic clear and accessible.

“It’s hard to think of a more awkward topic to broach in any context,” said Dan Hoedeman, President of Riley. “It’s a heavy topic. An emotionally-charged topic. That’s why we created a brand that was light, with a touch of humor, to make the topic accessible for the over 30% of couples who struggle with this issue.”

“We are excited to bring Mor to market,” said Jeff Bennet, CEO and Founder of Morari Medical, “and we are excited to see how our brand helps to make discussions about sextech more acceptable, which is a critical step to improving sexual health and wellness for men and women around the world.”

The brand identity, which includes positioning and naming, will continue to roll out leading up to the product launch in 2023.