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Infant Clipper Concepts

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Design, Advertising, Direct Response, Asset Creation

A medical device company came to us to help trim a little fear and anxiety out of clipping infant fingernails. Adapting a pre-existing technology formulated to help amputees, we explored ways to bring this product to life for a new-parent audience. Clocking in at roughly 25x the price of traditional pharmacy clippers, we looked to bypass parents, and bring a highly giftable product to PANKs (Professional Auntie, No Kids) everywhere.

We brought forward 4 different brand directions and explored everything from its impact on the product form to packaging and retail footprint. This work was meant to serve as a creative stimulus and push the boundaries of the traditional product launch.

Time to let someone else do the biting. These adorable, cozy, little woodland creatures transform a time of high anxiety for parents and kids alike into close bonding opportunities.

We created a family of bright, playful little Piggi’s for your children’s little piggies.

We also conjured up some storybook monsters with an insatiable appetite for fingernails.

Another modern high tech solution in an arsenal of gizmos to shush and sway our kids into all manners of calm, quiet contentment.

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